Train Your Dog in the Correct Way

Training a dog is quite a challenging job for new dog owners, with many techniques and concepts offered everywhere. However, there are certain principles which are followed everywhere to house train or train them in anything else.

Why it is necessary to train a dog

Training a dog is very important, as it will establish the relationship between you and him, where he will see you as his leader. A trained dog will be a happier dog and will understand the position he holds in your home. Dogs are natural followers of leaders, so once you have established this identity; your dog will listen to your commands. Otherwise, he will consider himself as the leader and cause chaos in your home. When your dog gets trained, social interaction becomes more viable and you will be able to communicate properly with him. Psychologically, your dog will be benefit and he will have a stable behavior. Training is very much needed in dogs, especially, when you take him out through busy streets with traffic. Your dog will listen to your commands and safely navigate the roads with you.

Man pulling a dog by the collar

Easy ways of Training your dog

  • The easiest and the best way to train your dog is by joining training classes for groups. There are several levels of classes for dogs and these are held once a week. The training period is between 6 and weeks, after which, your dog will have knowledge of most of the basic commands.
  • The chief benefit of taking your dog to training classes is that, he will get used to interacting with other people and dogs along with the lessons offered by the professional dog trainer.
  • You can also hire the service of a dog trainer for one to one training sessions, which is also an easy method. The only thing is that it will prove to be more expensive for you. However, while training this way, your dog will learn more quickly in most of the general areas, like walking with the lead in a proper way and obeying ordinary commands. Hiring a professional dog trainer will benefit more than group training, if your dog has behavioral problems and does not like socializing.
  • For cases where a dog is very aggressive, unsocial and hyperactive, it is a must to consult with specialists for dog behavioral problem or a dog whisperer. This is the most humane approach that dog owners can take to modify their behavior and make them more communicative with you. Once your dog starts to communicate with you, you can continue with the normal training program.

Housebreaking your puppy will need a lot of patience and consistency on your part. Training puppies can be the most frustrating or rewarding experience for owners. You should keep in mind all the general principles while training your dog; you will surely get good rewards for it. Once, your dog has accepted you as his leader or commander, your task will become much easier. In time, you will have a happy and obedient pet in your home to love  and guard you.

Man training a sit dog