Everything You Need to Know About the First Aid of Your Dog

Dogs are nosy creatures, and they don’t have any concept of danger. They tend to eat or chew something every then and now and get into unsafe conditions. It is also seen that the dogs’ curiosity leads them to face an emergency. Some emergencies happen at home or even while on a walk. Being a responsible pet owner, one must be prepared to act quickly and in a proper way to save their life.

This post talks about some of the common emergencies or injuries that might happen to your dog and how you should react to them.


At times it happens that the dog while playing at home, suffers burn from jot water, oil, ice or even chemicals. In case it happens with your dog or any other, you need to react immediately, and your dog must get medical attention as soon as possible.

In case of mild burns, you can treat them at home by cleaning the area using antiseptic lotion and then applying a soothing cream. But in case of severe burns, please take your dog to a veterinary.


You can identify fit by sudden and uncontrolled spasmodic movements. It is often recognised with chomping of the jaw and salivating. If your dog fits, he will fall onto its side, and you need to be very careful of the surroundings.

When your dog has a fit, do not restrain him. On the contrary, try removing or placing any hard objects kike furniture around him that can potentially harm him. Also, turn off all the stimuli like television, lights, washing machines, radio, etc., and simply make the room dark. This will allow him enough space and time to recover. Seek consultation from your concerned vet if this happens at regular intervals of times.

Pulled-Off or Fractured Claws

Both the situations are very painful, and the worse thing is that they tend to become infected quickly. In case of these injuries, bleeding also happens profusely. In case it happens with your dog, make sure to apply a bandage to the foot and then take your dog to the vert. You may also need antibiotics to heal, and in some cases, the claw needs to be clipped under anaesthetics or sedation.


As said before that dogs are very curious; this paves the way for your dog to hold something that he shouldn’t. In case of poisoning, you need to be careful prior to it happening. You can to make your house dog-proof where he cannot have access to harmful things that can cause damage to his health. It could be bleach, pellets, chocolate or any other chemicals.

If you feel that your dog has digested something, it is important for you to take the packaging to the vet to identify the problem and give him the antidote accordingly. In worse cases, seem medical attention immediately and do whatever is needed.


When it comes to heat stroke, the best advice that you can have is to have prevention which is always better than cure. It is important to make sure that your dog does not stay out in the sun for too long during summer. Also, you need to avoid middy heat. In case your dog gets heatstroke, cool him down in the best possible way you can using wet towels or a fan.

Also, make sure that there is adequate fresh and cold water and the dog gets lots of rest. Buy and install an invisible fence in your lawn or garden area in order to ensure that your dog goes far away and stay maximum time outside. The fence will also restrict the frequent movements of the dog.


Choking mainly happens when something blocks the airway. In case the airway gets blocked partially, the dog will start pacing back, retching and pawing at their mouth. If the airway is blocked completely, the dog will not be able to make any dog.

The worse thing is that dogs can choke on anything, be it toys, plastic bags, balls, or anything they can hold of it. Also, if it goes down in the wrong way, then it may create hassles for them to breathe. You must spot all these signs and then act fast to dislodge the obstruction.

In case of any emergency, be it small or big, always act in a prompt way to help your dog recover from it fast. Share your experience of any such emergency that has happened to your dog in the past below in the comment section.